June 23 to July 2, 2021


Juan Barahona

In 2010 and 2012 he received from Her Majesty the Queen, the distinction of most outstanding student of his chair, and in 2011, the distinction of most outstanding chamber ensemble.

Antonii Baryshevskyi

He trained at the National Academy of Music of Ukraine and at the Normal School of Music in Paris.

He has won awards in numerous international competitions

Florian Feilmair

Winner of various international awards such as “Klassic.Preis. Österreich” or the “Neue Sterne” award.

Ryutaro Suzuki

He has been awarded the first prize in the international music competition “Ile-de-France” and the second prize in the competition “Gilels” and “Val Tidone”.

Vicent Ip

Winner of the first prize of the Sigma Alpha Iota Contest in 2017.

He achieved second prize in the 2018 Rice University Contest.

Andrei Ivanou

He has won first prize at the Jeunesses Musicales Belgrade International Piano Competition and first prize at the Minsk International Piano Competition.

Salome Jordania

He won first prize at the National Chopin Competition in Tbilisi and at the International Competition in Frankfurt (Germany).

In 2017, she won the Norma Fischer Award at the Shreveport International Wideman Competition (USA).

Airi Katada

He was awarded first prize at the 6th Scriabin International Piano Competition and second prize at the Moscow Artobolevskaya International Competition for Young Pianists.

Mihkel Poll

Mihkel has been awarded many prizes in international competitions, including the First Prize and the Special Orchestra Prize, at the International Piano Competition at the Rina Sala Gallo in Italy.

Alexey Sychev

He has won first prize in three international Liszt competitions: the 8th Franz Liszt Weimar-Bayreuth International Piano Competition, the 11th Franz Liszt de Parma International Piano Competition, and the Franz Liszt de Grottammare International Piano Competition Prize .

Tsubasa Tatsuno

Won first prize at the 18th Kobe Matsukata Contest.

In 2020, she won the second prize at the International Piano Competition “Albert Roussel” in Paris. He has achieved the Blüthner Prize 2017-2018 at the Paris Conservatoire.

Anastasia Yasko

He received the Special Award from the Moscow Culture Committee (2008) and the Guzik Foundation Award (San Francisco, USA, 2009).

She won the third Prize at the International Flame Competition (Paris, 2012) and the first Prize at the Ennio Porrino International Piano Competition (Cagliari, 2013).

Zifan Ye

Winner of the first prize at the 23rd Pietro Argento International Piano Competition, the first prize at the 8th María Herrero International Piano Competition, and the first prize at the France International Piano Competition.

Hanna Yukho

In 2015 she won the award for best pianist at the International Summer Academy (ISA15) in Reichenau (Austria) and in 2020 she won the first prize at the Weatherford International Piano Competition.


The order of performance in the contest, carried out by lottery on June 2 at 5:00 p.m., will be as follows:

1 Yasko Anastasia
2 Baryshevskyi  Antonii
3 Poll Mihkel
4 Ivanou Andrei
5 Tatsuno  Tsubasa
6 Yukho Hanna
7  Feilmar Florian
8 Ip Vincent
9 Katada Airi
10 Suzuki Ryutaro
11 Barahona Juan
12 Ye Zifan
13 Jordania Salome
14 Sychev Alexey

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