June 23 to July 2, 2021



The applications will be submitted from the 1st of June of 2020 until the 14th of January of 2021.

Filling out the registration form and the submission of the attached documentation (detailed in the following section) will be online on this website (https://pianoiturbi.dival.es/en/formulario-de-inscripcion/)

Afterwards, the applications, jointly with the filled out registration form will be submitted in one of the following ways (only the registration form without the attached documentation which will be uploaded at the Iturbi website using the link above):

  1. Following the specified procedure provided on the Diputació de València’s website sede.dival.es (with electronic certificate and signature. People who are not Spanish residents can apply to get the electronic certificate issued by the FMNT (Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre) http://www.fnmt.es/en/ceres at their Spanish Consular Offices abroad.
  2. At the General Registry of the Diputació de València (Batlia Palace, Serrans street, no 2, postcode:  46003, València).
  3. At the places indicated by the article 16 of the Ley 39/2015 de 1 de octubre, del Procedimiento Administrativo Común de las Administraciones Públicas.

The registration form will include the title of the pieces to be played in each of the rounds of the Competition and the approximate duration of each one. In case the program exceeds the permitted duration, the Competition’s Advisory Committee will decide which works or pieces should be played. Also, the URL of the recording for the preselection phase will be sent.

In addition, the following three circumstances, as requirements for admission to the contest, will be responsibly declared:

  1. To not have received lessons by any member of the Jury from one year before the publication of the present call, as well as the compromise of not receiving them between the publication of this call and the beginning of the Competition.
  2. The truthfulness of the details given regarding the place and date of the recording sent for the Preselection, as well as the identity match of the performer of the recording with the candidate.
  3. Not being under any of the circumstances listed in the article 13.2 de la Ley 38/2003, de 17 de noviembre, General de Subvenciones, indispensable requisite to be a beneficiary of the awards.


The applications will have to attach the documents listed below:

  • Official certificate in which date of birth and nationality of the participant are stated.
  • Curriculum vitae indicating the academic and artistic certificates, a summary of the musical studies (mentioning the professors), participation in international competitions, most relevant concerts, audio, radio and/or television recordings.
  • Two recommendation letters by two personalities from the music field, including their contact details (phone number, email…).
  • Official or private documents which the candidate considers to be of interest (international awards, critiques, recordings, etc.).
  • One picture (9 x 11 cm – postcard size) included in the application as an attached document.
  • Recording: In the enrolment form, the URL to a video recording of the candidate performing a 20-30 minutes free program should be included. Such document, recorded in MP4 format (video output MPEG4, Video H264 and audio output AAC/40), preferably in HD, will be uploaded by the candidate from (https://pianoiturbi-pre.dival.es/en/formulario-de-inscripcion/). Alternatively, it could be submitted – always jointly with the application – in a format which allows legibility and a projection (memory stick or DVD). Each of the performed works must be recorded in one take without cuts or editions in each one of the works and using one single fixed shot. The recording must have been recorded after the 1st of May of 2020 and under the circumstances of responsibility stated in the application form. It is mandatory that the candidate can be physically identifiable in the recording.

In the case that the submission of the application is made without official identity accreditation, the foreign candidates accepted in the Competition will have to show proof of identity through any valid means in compliance with the law (valid passport or ID) which, in addition, will allow to link and prove the authorship, property and/or ownership of the submitted documentation.

If falseness of any of the documents provided is confirmed, the admission will be automatically cancelled.

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